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Alaska Young's Labyrinth of Life

About Me

About Me
My Friends

Hi, my name is Alaska.  Alaska Young; I'm 16 years old and I attend a boarding school (which is sort of in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas).
I like to read... a lot.  And I don't know what I'd do without my friends... The Colonol, Pudge, Takumi, and of course, little Laura.  School would pretty much suck without them... having to deal with the weekday warriors and all. 
I'd consider myself a good student... when I'm not getting into trouble that is.  I'm really not a bad person, I just like good, hard revenge.  Especially when rich jerks mess with my friends.
The Best Plot For Revenge Ever
1. Put industrial strength blue hair dye in all the jerk's hair gel and shampoo bottles.
2. Distract the principle, then hack into the computer system to change all the jerk's perfect grades.
3. Sit back and watch as sweet revenge unfolds itself.
Anyway.  I don't have a mom... I did, but she died when I was little.  My dad's been sending me to boarding school ever since.
My boyfriend's name is Jake... sometimes he sends me flowers and stuff at school, he's so sweet.  He's in a band, which I'm very proud to say I came up with the name for... sometimes I swear I'm a genius.
I smoke... and drink... a lot.  Unlike most of the typical teenage world, I don't do it for pleasure, I do it to die.
I got my name in an interesting fashion... my dad was brought up in a very strict, serious household, while my mother was, quite frankly, a hippie.  When they got married and I was born, they couldn't decide on my name.  So, for my 7th birthday present they let me pick my name.  My dad had just so happened to have given me a globe a few weeks before... so, being 7, I decided to name myself after a part of the world that few people dared to venture to (no, fortunatly I didn't name myself Antartica... that may have been tragic).  And that... is how I became Alaska.
So yeah, that's me, Alaska Young, in a few simple sentences.  I promise I'm way more complex though, just try me.

This is where I go to school... and live for 8 months out of the year.

How will we ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering?